• The Conero Riviera

    Decide to discover the white sandy beaches and the clear blue sea staying in our relais in Sirolo

    For whoever loves the sea and to spend lovely moments of relaxation on the beach or surrounded by the unspoiled vegetation, not to miss is the beautiful town of Sirolo, located in the heart of the charming Conero Riviera, with its marvelous little coves and beaches surrounded by a wild and magnificent nature.

    A coastline where, between Portonovo and Sirolo, you will find white sandy beaches with steep rocky walls falling down into a clear blue sea, since ever awarded with a European Blue Flag.


    one of the most charming seaside resorts of Italy.


    a chance to experience an exciting holiday and to discover the beautiful spots of the Conero Riviera

    The Conero Riviera and Sirolo offer unique views thanks to their sheer drops from the cliff to the sea, on pebbly beaches framed by a wonderful and wild nature.

    Your holiday in our relais is enriched with the several activities you can do at L’Antico Mulino: from the walking or mountain bike tours, trips to the adjoining towns of the Conero Riviera and a trip to the Frasassi Caves. Next to the relais there are a ring and the Conero Golf field with which the Relais has an agreement.

San Michele beach

San Michele beach comes just after Urbani beach, and is either a public and private beach with facilities.

The peculiarity of this costal stretch, framed by the rocky scenery of the Conero Mountain and by the deep blue sea, is the luscious Mediterranean vegetation overlooking the beach together with the amazing cliffs. When the mistral is blowing, the sea in front of San Michele beach is ideal for surfers.

This beautiful beach can be reached by walk from Sirolo town center or with our hotel shuttle bus service.

Due Sorelle beach

Sirolo’s landmark and well known for the 2 white rocks arising from the sea, Due Sorelle beach is definitely one of the most suggestive and enchanting spots of the Conero Riviera.

The beach, being untouched by man and having no facilities available, makes it possible to enjoy a close contact with the still unpolluted nature. Speaking of which, snorkeling enthusiasts will have a crystal clear sea true paradise at their fingertips.

Due to its location, the beach can be reached only by sea, by boat with daily departs from Numana and Marcelli piers.

Urbani beach

Nestled between the namesake cave and another cliff, there is Urbani beach, a charming half-moon shaped costal stretch. The thin gravel, the natural rock enclosing the bay together with the lush vegetation, help making this beach a precious little jewel.

When the sea is clam, it is possible to reach San Michele beach by walking on the shore.

Beach facilities and restaurants are available on spot. Urbani beach can be easily reached from Sirolo town center either by walk, car or shuttle bus from our hotel.

Sassi Neri beach

Totally unpolluted, Sassi Neri beach takes is name from the dark sand it is made of.

The crystal clear and deep blue sea, together with the wild and unpolluted environment, make this beach a favored spot for nature enthusiasts, who can enjoy the sun and the sea in peace and quiet.

The beach can be reached by walk from Sirolo town center or directly with our hotel shuttle bus service.

<p><strong>Sirolo</strong>, pearl of the Adriatic sea, well known for its pebbly beaches, white bays, rocks and inlets, is located in the heart of the Conero Park.</p>
<p>Since ever it has been awarded with the <strong>European Blue Flag</strong> for the high quality of its beaches and of its clear blue sea. The square, a mundane and elegant centre, is the meeting place for the evening happy hours on a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.</p>
<p>Undoubtedly, Sirolo’s flagship is <strong>“Le Due Sorelle” beach</strong>, considered one of the ten most beautiful, suggestive and unpolluted beaches of Italy. The beach is named after the two twin rock rising out of the sea.</p>
Parco del Conero

An environmental unpolluted oasis of about 6000 hectares containing ancient proofs of art, culture and history.

The paths wind among holm-oaks, pines and arbutus along the hills. The exceptional value of the environmental landscape is guaranteed by the several rocky coastlines, woods, glades, meadows, cultivated areas and tiny beaches.

The Conero Park is also ideal for sport activities such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving on the Conero waters, horse ridings and trekking.

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